Key Terms and Ideas – list of essentual definitions and concepts for the field of ecology/horticulture and everything within.


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The following link is a study of the drought tolerances of olive, pomegranate, fig, grape, carob, almond, date palm, pistachio and bitter orange on about 4 inches of annual rain. Fruit trees’ survival ability in an arid desert environment without irrigation in the Negev Highlands of Southern Israel – Israel Journal of Plant Sciences – Volume 62, Issue 1-2.

Cold tolerance observations during the 1962 freeze in central Florida. Florida State Horticultural Society.  – Cold hardiness of several dozen sub tropical and tropical fruit and nut trees.


Ecology (Ecology Global Network – Your Source for All Things Ecology)


Ecosia     Search the web to plant trees… (10,700,000 trees already planted with ecosia)


Plants for a Future “the google of plants”

Temperate Climate Permaculture – in depth website covering all the bases of permaculture. Extremely detailed plant descriptions/specifications. Dozens of in-depth articles, permaculturally focused and complete with extensive guides for any climates homestead.


F. W. Schumacher Co.retailer and wholesaler of tree, shrub, and annual seeds. Specializing in perennial edibles and general forestry.

Sheffields – Complete retailer and wholesale seed selection. Specializing in perennial edibles and general forestry

Strictly Medicinals (horizon herbs) – retailer and wholesaler of medicinal tree, shrub and herbaceous seeds. As well as potted plants, and freshly dried/prepared medicinal herbs/tinctures.

Trade Winds FruitCalifornia Business – retailer of tropical and temperate fruiting trees, shrubs, and herbaceous, plant seeds.

Rare Palm Seeds – wholesaler and retailer of tropical fruit, nut trees, flowers… 2700+ species in stock. 

Tree Seedswholesaler and retailer of tree and shrub seeds for temperate climates, some sub-tropicals as well.

Seed Manvast inventory of seeds, particularly rare species from around the world.

Sierra Seed SupplyCalifornia business Seed bank of many native trees, shrubs, vines and herbs of the Sierra Mountains.

Banana-tree – Large selection of rare tropicals and subtropical plant species.

AgroforestryNon Profit

Redwood SeedsCalifornia business – big selection of common fruits and vegetables, many being heirlooms and grown on their farm in Northern California.

Sierra Seeds California business – good selection of heirlooms and consistently adapted species of common fruits and vegetables.


Luther Burbank (botanist, horticulturist, agricultural pioneer)

Bill Mollison (permaculture co-founder)

Masanobu Fukuoka (author, old-school permaculturist)

Geoff Lawton (permaculture teacher)

Sepp Holzer (austrian agronomically-innovative, genius)

Mark Shepard (cool temperate – agroforestry farmer, author)

David Holmgren (permaculture co-founder)

Rudolf Steiner (father of biodynamics and a whole lot else)

Paul Wheaton (permaculture teacher, cold temperate)

Toby Hemenway (author, permaculturist)

Ben falk (teacher, cold temperate permaculturist)

Eric Toensmeier (writer/lecturer on perennial agronomy)