Ecological Technologies

MATRIX SEEDING complete ecological infinity designed within very exact seed mixes. Specified proportions of plant type and species to permanently catalyze dynamic forest succession. Starting from bare land, every evolutionary step is accounted for in the establishment of a forest (pioneering herbs, shrubs, pioneering trees, climax trees, shade tolerant herbs and everything in between).

FUNGI-BASED CONSTRUCTION utilization of specific fungi species to formulate the load-bearing structure of a building.

ROOT-BASED CONSTRUCTION utilization of fast growing vine and tree roots to formulate the load-bearing structure of a building.

WATER-WORKS creek restoration, check-dams, dams, water wheels, RAM pumps, siphons, water climbing (successive RAM pumps to raise water), water-way terracing… gated aqueducts and canals.

FOOD FORESTRY general agroforestry and wild-farming systems of food production

PLANT UTILITIES most notably: a figs ability to humidify dry regions, by accessing deeply stored moisture (similar to mesquite, acacia sp. and others). Vetivers ability to lock onto masses of soil with an iron grip… And so on.

ECOLOGICALLY SOUND, INFRASTRUCTURE road-cutting, streets, sidewalks, and everything else found within a concrete jungle, and how it all can support dynamic re-introductions of useful plant species.