Neutral Plant Work

This is strictly a preview, this article is not complete.

Ancient Horticulture and Modern Gardening


Gopher raids on carrots and a deer mowing down your lettuce are very important environmental responses to conventional gardening. When you fence in, lets say, one thousand square feet of your land to be a veggie garden, you are creating a relatively isolated oasis. This concentrated location of fertility will overnight turn all of your residential critters into mini robin hoods. Instantly your environment will attempt to spread the wealth, and recycle surplus (gophers, birds, deer, insects…). People usually fall in to an accelerating chain of repellant products, crude fertilizers, and plastic trinkets to uphold the order of your little garden against the disorder of your larger garden.

We like to have the same emphasis on cover cropping for wildlife as we do with establishing our own orchards. We spend the same amount of time finding what our local birds like to eat, as the time we spend choosing our own favorite fruit trees. Our ‘garden’ is not contained, it is simply another word for environment or home. Especially considering humanities crude dominion caused the environmental stresses that are forcing animals to your door step. The ecosystems of the world are diseased and declining. Our home is crumbling, and we have decided to grow tropical oasis’ in our backyards while the fauna suffer from our industrial tendencies and conquestful past.

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