Simple – Restoration, Seed Mixes

(Designed for California – SUBTROPICS)



(digger pine, ponderosa pine, live oak, black oak)

Ridge Afforestation: Used for the afforestation of ridges and hilltops.

(Pinus sp., Quercus sp., Araucaria sp.,)

Valley Afforestation:

(Seqouiadendron sp., Aracauria sp., Cedrus sp., Alnus sp.)

Riparian Restoration:

(Native Vitis sp., Native Ficus Carica, Native Morus sp., Native Alnus sp., Native Mugwort, Native Mint, Vetiver grass, Native cotton willow)

Creek Restoration: 

(Mugwort, Mint, Vetiver grass, Native bunch-grasses)

River Restoration:

(Morus sp., Ficus carica, cottonwood, )

Meadow Building: Diverse mix of herbaceous plants native to the Nevada County region. (wild oat, wild rye, red clover, ca poppy, lupinus sp.,)

Road-Cutting Restoration: Very resilient mix of specific herbs to lock together and cover bare soil at extreme slopes, under extreme environmental conditions. These seed mixes are broadcast using high-clay seed balls to glue right into the cracks and crumbles of these bare hillsides for initial colonization/Structuring and Stabilizing of the soil (Bermuda grass, red clover, birdsfoot trefoil, L. perennis,).

Orchard Fertility: Establishment of support species to fertilize, pollinate and protect commercial orchards. (comfrey, mex. sunflower, artichoke, fennel, pigeon pea, butterfly bush

(carob, pomegranate, olive, fig, madrone, stone pine, pinyon pine, pecan, almond, apricot, walnut, mulberry)





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