Ocean Forest

The Kryosphere (currently under development)

The oceans of our planet are currently suffering from plastics, agro-chemicals and gas imbalances of all kinds. This project is currently developing a dynamic, geodesic device called the Kryosphere (KS) to primarily capture micro-plastics. The kryosphere is over 100 feet in diameter with the skeleton mainly built of carbon fiber. As the name suggests, the kryosphere is a complete sphere in order to survive ocean conditions. The ideals behind this project rely upon zero, fundamentally moving parts and solely upon renewable energy.

The kryosphere will act as the white blood cells of the oceans. Completely built and operated from whole and recycled materials. The kryospheres structure allows for its relatively malleable functionality (as well as being infinitely scalable). This project uses appropriate technology in very simple methods to achieve permanent results and endless potentials, not fixed by any singular use.

Submerged Cavities

The lower portion of the KS has over a dozen submerged cavities, about the size of an average bedroom. These cavities will be specifically formulated to desalinate and capture pollutants out of the ocean water. Natural currents and pulsations of the ocean body, power a circulatory system that continually transports sea water through designated pathways between chosen cavities. Allowing for multiplied filtration and passive capture of pollutants. The atmosphere within these submerged cavities will sustain a constant electrical charge. Subsequently, these cavities will be rhythmically magnetized and demagnetized. Allowing, specifically engineered nanites to bind and lock up salt particles as well as micro-plastics and other polluting substances. Directly between the pulses of the KS circularory system, the solution is magnetized, binding nanites to the unwanted molecules. Upon demagnetization the nanites are ‘released’ from the solution. This exhausts clean ocean water from the KS as well as storing pure water to be integrated into the Kryospheres systems. Micro-plastics and other pollutants are stored via electrified rods within all of the cavity membranes (structured with micronized ceramics).

Dynamic Biodome

The upper portion of the kryosphere functions as somewhat of a greenhouse. Consisting of a transparent polymer cover, infused with photovoltaic elements. This will power small systems within the lower section, as well as provide an energy storehouse for external needs. The top half of this ocean-bearing craft is designed primarily for human operations. Specifically supplying critical infrastructure for deep-sea, marine research and general observatory.


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