Mans Ecology

This is strictly a preview, this article is not complete.

What physical and mental qualities of Man aren’t directly supported by the qualities of his environment? Our ventures of the past centuries have ‘transcended’ nature in ways that baffle our deepest thoughts. The environment that sustains us and determines our quality of life, is being (has been) mined and processed to support luxorious social games and ‘castles in the sky‘. At every turn technological symptoms, bypass and bandage the authentic cyclical functioning of nature. Hence; massive environmental enslavement for maximized profits of over-leveraged industries, without any correlation to true yields, or the basics of supply and demand.


On the one hand we may (depending on perspective) have highly accelerated our evolution with technology. On the other hand we may have waged eternal war on time and space reserving zero tolerance for process and mystery.


Linear extraction from the natural environment has cemented society in its ways. One of the few communal grounds is inadvertantly hyper-individualization of the world. Our very city planning is based off colonial zoning. This isolation of global spread and centurial establishment, is the most fatal blow to mans communal nature. How do we then return from our towers and watch posts to a perennial residence within the cycles of the Earth. Make your starting point beneath your very feet. Localize your economy, be the owner of your lifestyle, having the ability to respond and act on any part of your existence, unconditionally (respons-ability). Start by getting property, if you dont have your own land, you’ll always be on someone else’s and this is the first degradation of freedom. Source your own water, and produce your own food. This second part is necessarily communal, find your tribe or create your own tribe.


It is humanities disconnection from itself that is most influential. It is simple and easy to support ones home. It is relatively simple to care and support our neighbors. It is hardest to support those who we dont know of. The ordering principle of modern society is individualism, the ordering principle of The Earths ecology can be described as universalism.


Appropriate cycling and recycling of the tiniest elements is completely necessary within and without man. ‘Debt’ credit and all there friends have no place in a circular economy.


Man may have dominion, without dominance and destruction. Dominion is a passive background, not an active subject.


to be continued…

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