Wild Farming (in progress)

university of sustainability?

Plants have been around many millions of years before us (according to science). During those millions of years they have not only not destroyed the Earth, they are consistently impoving it and establishing resiliencies that have halted our efforts of destroying the Earth. I belive we should model everything we due off of a tree… or a bird. It doesn’t matter. The fact is: nature knows a whole lot more about sustainability then we do.


Well established apple trees can survive 8 months of drought in good fruiting condition (definately not commercial yields).


Appropriately planted bare root trees (2 years old) can survive 4 months of drought in great condition.

nutrient cycle?

There are hundreds of animals atleast the same size as us that sustain themselves without any pollutants or destruction. Why can’t we model this?

chemical fertilizer?

Properly inoculated and mulched plants have the same if not better cation exchange then indistrialized crop production.

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