Creek Restoration


Gabion from italian ‘gabbione’ meaning big cage, is almost always a wire cage containing cobble or boulder. And these cages are used in various aplications. dam foundations, road construction, embankments…

Imbricated rip-rap this is a type of embankement that uses boulders or gabions (wire cages of stone) to shield the raw soil lines of previous erosion.

Engineered Log Jam is a simple method of installing (preferably fresh) woody material (typically logs) into waterways to make for a more biologically and hydraulically diverse functioning.

Cross vane is a ‘U’ shaped structure typically made of boulders or logs

J hook

W weir

Brush Layering is the use of specific plant species to root and cover exposed soil.

Step Pools are a method of terracing waterways to allow larger bodies of water to form within a channel for increased aquatic habitat, and improved hydraulic capacity for the entire land, largely be raising the lands hydraulic pressure at its lowest points (hich is exponentially effect hen implimented just below a valleys inflection point..


Embankements, road construction dam foundations



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