Dry Land, Wild-Farming Systems is an ecological non-profit made up of pioneering farmers. We are actively spearheading grass roots restoration and innovative farming techniques. We are based in the Sierra Foothills of Northern, California (United States). We believe the golden mean of food production lies evenly between the efficiency and productivity of wild forests, and the catalyzing factor of wise human stewardship in order to enhance succession and seed dispersal/bio-diversity. Hence the paradox in our title: wild – farming. We are passionately exploring and refining agroforestry systems for high yielding, low input farms. Actively involved with the development of fruiting trees, industrial shrubs, and medicinal herbs; targeting subtropical, mediterranean and warm temperate species. As we establish ourselves and begin to integrate into the public eye, we will be continuously reporting and publishing all of our endeavors, including, but not limited to:

  • Most noteably; Regional tree seeding
  • Creek restoration
  • Agroforestry
  • Crop development
  • Wild-Farming/ Closed-loop food production

Presently, we are in the beginning stages of development with our first seedings/plantings and nurseries being established within the past few years. Our current focus; is the design and function of community integrated ecosystems, providing maximum output of food, medicine, and other supplies with minimum input of time and resources. This drive for efficient yields encompasses all inputs and outputs. Which results in permanent systems of food production, that yield a profit in not just food (but, erosion control, pollution control, biodiversity, carbon sequestration…) These systems then exist independently – regenerating the land while yielding a substantial output of critical resources.

Our long-term vision consists of the following goals:

  1. To cultivate one of the worlds’ most diverse living libraries in modern history.
  2. To be an integral part, in developing – highly efficient food production methods for subtropical, mediterranean and warm temperate regions of the world.
  3. To exponentially develop our living and dormant seed banks by expanding our horizons and traversing the globe’s most secluded settlements and pristine forests to envelope resilient species into our practices.
  4. Multi-decade effort to catalyze biodiversity and hydraulic capacity over large regions of land throughout Northern California. Using simple earthworks, large scale tree seeding and meadow building.


Recent Articles:

Seeding of 2017 (large scale tree seeding project)

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Theoretical Game-Plan for the GrassRoots Restoration of California’s Ecology

Maximizing Local Food Production with Large Trees that Fruit Prolifically, and Live a Long Time

Key Terms and Ideas

Rain ‘Creation’ 101

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Wild Dry-Farming – direct seeded, and deep sown fruits and vegetables will be monitored for their capacity to be dry farmed.

Afforestation + Meadow Building – regional seeding of trees, shrubs, vines and herbs throughout nevada county.

Wild Planting Bare Root Edibles – 22 bare root fruit trees, and a dozen other edible bare-root plants will be observed growing without any support after planting. (Planting is done within or near riparian zones throughout vastly different soils)

100 Acre Living Seed Bank (under establishment)